Why Do People Cut Themselves with Razors

Variety of human behavior exists in this world. Understanding each and every behavior is not an easy task. At the same times, you may not handle each and every person and things may get worst when people associated with you behave abnormally. So far, there are four types of human behavior have been identified which help a lot in understanding the possible reactions of people associated with you. These are:

Why Do People Cut Themselves with Razors

Why Do People Cut Themselves with Razors

1. Mine is mine and yours is yours,
2. Mine is yours and yours in mine,
3. Mine is yours and yours is yours, and
4. Yours is mine and mine is mine.

If you make best use of these human behaviors, you will better be able to overcome the abnormal attitude that people are committing to increase the problem in your life. You have to show a very high level of patience in these circumstances and also you are advised not to misbehave with people who are creating problem in your life. These people have some psychological problems. This article why do people cut themselves with razors will give you some useful information regarding this burning topic.

We have seen so many people who cut themselves with razors. At first sight, you may get surprised why they do this sort of activities. Most of the people call them as mad and make laugh of them. This is not a right behavior towards them. You need to understand the reasons behind this behavior.

The most common reasons for such act are:

Why Do People Cut Themselves With Razors?


Some people compare his/her character with others and if someone else is given priority over them, they treat it as a disgrace for them. In this situation, they exercise arrogant behavior. In severe circumstances, they cut themselves with razors to mitigate the effects of so called disgrace.

Mental Issues:

Those people who have a sort of abnormality can also commit this rubbish act. People who are mentally sick have a greater risk of attempting suicide. Mentally sick patient should always desire more attention from their attendants or family members. If the people around them are helpless to give them prior attention, they will try to cut themselves with razor in order to divert attention from their family members towards them.


Millions of people commit suicide throughout the whole world. Suicide is an intentional or deliberate act when someone intentionally kills herself / himself or if someone cut herself / himself with razor instrument. Romantic or interpersonal break ups may also be the reason of committing suicide or by damaging their body by cutting themselves with razor. Feelings of rejection, addiction of alcohol or drugs, demise of their loved ones are the common reasons of people damaging or affecting their body by cutting themselves with razor.


Minors also have higher risk of committing this act of cutting themselves with razor.


Everyday various toxic liquids generate in the human body. They cause various sorts of pain in their body. Their removal is necessary to avoid pain. People, who know this fact, cut themselves with razors so that this toxic liquid put come out of the body.

In this article we have shared much valuable information regarding our topic that is why do people cut themselves with razors. I hope you will also appreciate our efforts which we gathered after detailed researches.